(« Spotlight on a Great Pan african Inventor »):(« The Great « Morris Mbetse » from (« Kenya »)!


-(« Closely with « Face 2 face Africa »)-(« The intro , Conclusion,and extra additions » are from our (STAFF)(MEDIAS MIROIR)-(« Image »:Morris Mbetsa)

-We can’t help repeating over and over again the fact that the illeterate of the (21ST) century won’t be those who can’t read or write ,but those who can’t learn,unlearn and relearn:Definitely,my people perish spiritually speaking, for lack of knowledge:In consequence,the lost people hidden too long in the darkness must see the light now , a conspicuous sign of contemporary knowledge and the time is now!

-(Reminder of facts):

(Morris Mbetse),the (28)-year-old (Kenya) inventor who created (Africa’s first flying Taxi) is a peculiar african young talent who set a good example for the african youth of Today:In consequence,(Mbetsa) made history in (2018) when he took a grant leap to the sky with a drone huge enough to fly passengers,namely the first in the whole of Africa:A brillant young african inventor indeed.Congratulations and move on!