-It’s another convincing Proof that Proud panafricanist Colonel(GADDAFI) was the ostentatious victim of rampant Imperialism and new colonial powers, namely a Conspiracy of (« NATO ») with five specific reasons(Economical and Political)(« GOLD-BACKED PANAFRICAN CURRENCY AT STAKE »)!(GENESIS):(« we have seen the light and know what is (Imperialism) and how it works, and why, if it goes on, it will eventually destroys us!-(« Identification of the Conspirators in (LYBIA):(1)-(« Hilary Clinton ») (2)-(« UN Security Council ») (3-Former french President (Sarkozy) and (NATO)(« REMINDER OF FACTS »):(1)-(« Hilary Cinton’s) Emails truly are the gifts that keep on giving, while (FRANCE) through former president (Sarkozy) led the proponents of the (« UN Security council Revolution ») that would create a « no-fly Zone » in (LYBIA), it  claimed that is primary concerned was the (« Protection of the Lybian Civilians »),(Considering the current state of affairs alone, one must rethink the authenticity of this concern as many conspiracy theorists will claim, one of the real reasons to go to (LYBIA) was (GADDAFI’S GOLD DINAR)!(2)-(« One of the (3000) (« Hilary Clinton’s) (Emails) released by the state of department on New years Eve(where real news is sent to die quietly), has revealed evidence that (« NATO’s) « PLOT to OVERTHROW » (GADDAFI) was fueled by first their desire to quash the (« Gold-backed AFRICAN CURRENCY ») and second the(« LYBIAN OIL Reserves »):In the same trend, the (Email) in question was sent to « former US Secretary of State »(Hilary Clinton) by her unofficial adviser(« SYDNEY BLUMENTHAL ») titled:(FRANCE and GADDAFI’s GOLD)(3)-(« The Email identifies French former  President (Nicolas Sarkozy) as Leading the (« ATTACK in LIBYA) with (5) Specific Purposes in Mind:(« -Firstly, (« to obtain Lybian oil »), (« ensure French Influence in the Region »), (increase former french President(Sarkozy’s) Reputation domestically), (« assert French Military Power, and to prevent(Gaddafi’s influence) in what is considered (« FRANCOPHONE AFRICA)-(14) African nations non idependent economically still paying the price of the new french colonial powers in the (21st) century)!Most astounding is the lengthly section delineating the huge threat that (GADDAFI’s) (GOLD and SILVER) reserves, estimated at (143 Tons of Gold) and a similar amount in (Silver), posed to the (FRENCH FRANC CFA) labelled  and criticized so far as a « Colonial Currency » circulating as a prime Africa Currency nowadays!(« Down the line, today in (2018), after (GADDAFI’s assassination), (FRANCE) through (TOTAL) is a share holder in the( « Lybian Oil Reserves »)…(To comment on) »!(« With the Collaboration » of « Edwards J Blacke »(in New York)-)(first hand sources from (US Press)(« The Intro ,extra additions and Conclusion are from our Staff (Media Mirror) in (Paris)