-(From « Face2 to Face-Africa »)(The Conclusion and extra additions are from our Staff (Media Mirror) in (Paris):(« Africa turns to (Ghana) to back its bid for a seat at the African union and has recently called on the Ghanaian government  in this process for an eventual observer status in the African Union(AU), which it lost in (2002) when the former organisation of African Union(OAU) was dissolved and replaced by the (AU).Officially, the request was made to (Ghana’s Minister for foreign Affairs and regional integration,(Shirley Ayokor Botchwey), who is in (Jerusalem) on an official visit at the invitation of prime Minister(Benjamin Netanyahu).According to (Abraham Neguise), an ethiopian Jew and chairman of the « Likud coalition Party » in the (Israeli Knesset) who met with the delegation, (Africa and Israel) have a relationship that dates back to thousands of years and it is time to come together, reports (Ghanaian Media)(« 3News)!(« Down the line, the way (ISRAEL) treat most of the african refugees  today help no!Is it a strategic and business objectives request?African leaders ought to open their eyes and look within nowadays:It’sour wake up call!( « The Conclusion and extra additions » are from our Staff (Media Mirror(Paris)(« Image »: »Ghana’s minister for  foreign  affairs and israeli prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu)