(« Successful Business Objectives »):(« Allen Ensed Group », (« The African Continent »)To be our Main Challenge!


-(…)-(« From the Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(Yves T Bouazo)-(« Image »: »Eulalie Allen at work in her office in (Manchester)(UK).

-In a world of Competition and globalisation, where to get new Markets around the world, remain basically the main Challenge, a successful and trustworthy British Company, (« Allen Ensed Group ») is paving the way for a Headquater in (Abidjan), the Capital of (Ivory Coast) in (2020) , so as to spread out its business in the whole of (Africa); (« Eulalie Allen »), a great relentless Business woman, (« CEO of Allen ensed Group ») argues recently in (Manchester (UK):Furthermore, she added: we really want to be a great help in the whole of (Africa) in intensive training and job’s creation terms later on, that will permit us to bring an input in the emergent young African nation:In other words, to be an asset to the needy educated african youth of today!

-Moreover, (« Allen Ensed Group ») in (Manchester) has got diverse fields indeed:(« Security system solutions for commercial buildings, including shops and small businesses in the form of (CCTV’s), keyless entry systems, fingerprints innovative kitchens architecture and many more…