-« Notes from the Chief Editor »-« Yves T Bouazo »-(« Contact »:ytapaybouazo@gmail.com).

-We must not forget the fact that the old testament in the holy scriptures of the bible has paved the way for the coming of « Jesus-christ », the messie because he is the light in the darkness for eternity and eternity!

-Down the line, we are still waiting for the coming of « Jesus-christ », just to cast away the evil doers, satan company as well!

-Let’s decode these lyrics from great gospel music maker (« Sinach ») titled:( » the way maker »), talking of « Jesus-christ », the messie:

-(« You are here, moving in our midst, i worship you, you are here working in this place, i worship you.Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are!

-In another lyrics, international reggae star from « Ivory coast » (West africa),(Alpha Blondy) made it clear in his own creation:(« Come back Jesus ») in the (80s) :(« Why they are fighting war, said i wonder why now, (oh) come back « Jesus », come back light!Come back « Jesus », my Lord, come back Love!Bring Peace and Love,(oh) my sweet « Jesus », my heart « Jesus », my soul aches is for you, tear drops coming through…

-Definitely, the the right time has come for the coming of « Jesus », the messie on the (24-25 th of December), namely « Jesus-christ, the messie has to come to heal the world heading for disaster, when aluding to the « covid-19 » pandemic!In consequence, we can’t help saying loud: « Glory be to « Jesus-christ », and victory belongs to « Jesus-christ » the messie!