(« Covid-pandemic in (Usa »)-(« Notes from « Tukufu Zuberi », »Professor of History Detectives »)-(« Philadelphia »


(…)-(« Photo »: »Prof-Tukufu Zuberi »)-(..)(« the title, subtitle, intro and conclusion » are from-(« Medias Miroir »)-(« This is the valuable and relevant information and analysis from (« Tukufu Zuberi », a wellknown Professor of history detectives at university of « philadelphia » in (Usa), related to the current murderer (« covid-19 pandemic ») in his own creation:

-(..)-As (Covid-19) reaches epic proportions, the relevance of national and local context are more evident every passing moment, in places like the (« United States »), race and class elevate the underlying conditions that make marginalized populations more susceptible to disease.Race provides the perfect storm for his catastrophe to be over represented amongst (Black and brown) populations.

-The coronavirus spreading through out a world where racially marginalized and poor communities already experience significant health disparities.Some people can not afford to maintain a social distance from the conditions that lead to the spread of this disease:The homeless need our attention, and the racially marginalized need our attention as well.

-(« In other words, they can’t tell poor people or homeless to go home, just to implement drastic consignment measures:Unfortunately,for the poor homeless people, streets are their homes.. wheere to go?That’s the question »)!