(« WORLD HISTORY »):(« Focus on the « Namibian Genocide » by « Germans » in (1904)!


-(« Our Staff In Collaboration with Face 2 to Face Africa »).(« The subtitle,title,intro and extras » are from(« Medias Miroir »).

-(« Reminder of facts »):

-Half of the world history has never been told yet, when historians are still talking of the jews genocide by nazist (Hitler) but they failed to complete the bucket list of German Genocide all over the world, in particular in (Africa), namely the gruesome story of the german death camp in (Namibia) used to exterminate « Namibians »!

-(« Reminder of facts »):

-In (1884) after Berlin meeting to divide africa into pieces, Germans invaded what is now present-day (Namibia) in southern Africa, led by (« Otto Edouard Leolpold, prince of Bismarck and duke of Lamemburg »):The germans invaded the land to obstruct the british who were planning to expand their territories into (Namibia).After the successful take over, the germans declared (Namibia), a german state and named it German south west africa.

-Unlike many of their colonial rulers who approached with peace and friendship.The germans were not in (Namibia) to make friends with the indegenous people and had declared their actions in how they dealt with the locals.For the germans, (Namibia) presented itself as a land of opportunity and expansion of their kind.

-(In 1904), the outrages Herero and Nana tribesmen were armed with local weapons and rifles and attacked the germans.The attacks took the germans by surprise and drew the attention of the world;Identified as indegenous campaigning against racial extermination, it led to the frst (« GENOCIDE ») of the (20th century)!

-By (August-1904), the battle between the germans and the indegenous people of (Namibia) had begun to take a toll on the population of the germans with fear f being wipe out, the germans called on the german empire for help and military troops with cannons wre sent down to fight Hereo and Nana namibian warriors!