(…)-(« WOMEN IN THE WORLD »):(« MABELLE PRIOR », RELENTLEESS BUSINESSWOMAN, HUMAN RIGHTS FIGHTER AND EX TV BROADCASTER:(« Image »: »Mabelle Prior »)-(« THE SOCIAL MEDIA MAKE EVERYONE A CELEBRITY »)-(« The Title, Intro and Conclusion » are from our (Staff)(Medias Miroir)(Paris)!

-(…)-(Mabelle Prior) is a west african great woman (from Ghana), relentless business woman,human rights fighter and ex tv broadcaster, who currently resides in (SWITZERLAND)!As far as these talking points are concerned,she is exposing the plastic powers of the social media in this contemporary era.In other words,(« Instagram makes everyone a Celebrity »)!

-(« Instagram ») makes everyone a Celebrity like no other platform can possibly achieve.The obvious narcissism of average Celebrity does not allow much time or interest in discovering new ideas, except it looks good on you.New lip gloss, new dresses, new shoes, new weawes, new houses, new cars…Nothing that would require you shedding your skin to put on a cloak of something more profound than self.Say a conversation on the world’s last male white rhino?

(1)-(« Instagram hardly cares for Celebral »)!

-(« Instagram ») hardly cares for celebral.The biggest stars on that platform have lips made broader by filter app,yapping about the most mundane crap that shocks me everytime i listen.Not for its lack of content(which is apparent) but for the number of people actually loving this mess.It’s a universe with no oxygene for me.But i’m the only one not breathing.As i can see everyone is alive and well over there.And pretty too.

(2)- (« There is not ugly person on (« Instagram »)!

There is not one ugly person on (« Instagram »), not one crucial conversation either.So you scroll through your timeline and every is pretty tired, or pretty successful,pretty-heading to a meeting,pretty-praying-for–twins, pretty-out-with-new-deal,pretty hanging-waiting-on-Jesus–for-what_is promised.

(3)-(« Instagram » is equivalent to moving from your posh bedroom »):

(« Instagram « )is equivalent to moving from your Posh bedroom, to your stylish wardrobe, to your grand car… to a restaurant to have a day-out with your friends, talking about the nail polish you could not find in (Ghana) in (West africa), so you must shop on the next flight to (Europe) to get that damn polish.It’s really about pretty pictures and some really tired conversations on nothing substantial.And there are people rooting for you mindlessly to continue being,pointless or echoing their truest cliches.Do you see how the (« Likes ») grow?Put your face close to a wall with just a love emoji, and you get(« 9000 Likes ») in thirty seconds(WTF)!
-it’s Kadashian-esque life’s style that is dizzing and clearly useless.I lose brain cells just looking at all those flawless beauties from beard gangs to stainless women.

-Please, tell me why i am the only one that can not see the usefulness of this.Away from the pretty world of (« Instagram »), (« Facebook ») is facing an ugly date scandal:Their shares fell(6,77%).The company has lost over (37 billions us dollars) in value over personal data, compromising its integrity.It’s a mess, i am not rooting for (Zuckerber,(facebook ceo), that algorithm dictator.He will be fine, he was (« WatsAPP ») and little-cuty(« Instagram ») to console himself if (« Facebook ») goes the way.

-(« Down the line, the social media can be Labeled as plastic celebrities makers:Furthermore, Just use the social media in the right and profitable way, in business and international network terms:Hopefully,the social media can a help to some extent.