(« US-Memory »):(« Vanessa Bryant » Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against « Helicopter Company »!


-(« In Collaboration with Daily News from New York)-(« The sub title and conclusion » are from our staff in (Paris)-(« Image »: »Kobe bryant and his daughter (Gianna).

-(Vanessa Bryant), the wife of NBA superstar (Kobe Bryant) filed a wronful death lawsuit against the owner of the Helicopter that crashed last month in heavy flog, killing husband (Kobe Bryant), daughter(Gianna) and seven others.
-In the same trend, the lives of (NBA) icon(Kobe Bryant) and his (13-year-old-daughter(Gianna) are being celebrated(on Monday) in a public memorial service in (Los angeles) in (California)(USA).(« Tribute to Kobe Bryant and his daugfhter (Gianna), they have gone, won’t be forgotten, may their soul rest in peace »)!