(Talking Points): »Mental Slavery » IS the « Worst Form of Slavery » Namely « A Sickness »!

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-« Notes from the Chief Editor and Managing Director-« Yves T Bouazo ».

_As far as my approach is concerned, « Mental Slavery » remains today the worst form of Slavery, namely a sickness like « covid-19 » , « cancer » and many more!Moreover,it gives you the evident illusion of Freedom and makes you trust, love your oppressor, while making unfortunately a true ennemy of those who are trying to raise your conscious high, furthermore to free or to open your eyes.

_As « Bob Marley » said in his own creation: »Emancipate yourself from mental slavery ».

_Definitely, the people who used to live in the darkness, ought to see the light of knowledge.In consequence,the time is now!