-« Notes from the Chief Editor and managing Director »-« YVES T BOUAZO »-(Contact: »ytapaybouazo@gmail.com »)

-Music remains fundamentally psychology, in consequence if you don’t feel music , you can’t know it!It’s our « top 5 » choice in international hits terms for the last year (2020)!

-(1)-« Beyonce »(afro american) (« Song »:Listen)(« Lyrics: »Listen to the song here in my heart, a melody i start but can’t complete, listen to the sound from deep within, it’s the beginning to find release.Listen, i’m alone at a crossroads, i’m not at home in my own home and i’ve tried and tried to say what is in my mind, you should have known, now i’m done believing you , you don’t know what i’m feeling, i’m more than what, you’ve made of me, you should have listened.

-(2)-« Rihanna »-from « Barbade-Saint-michael »)-(« Song »:Diamonds)

-(3)-« Ed Sherran »(british artist) (« Song »:perfect)

-(4)-« Justin Bieber »(british artist)(« Song »:don’t care)

-(5)-« Adele »(british artist):(« Song »:Make you feel my love)

-Definitely, let those « top 5 songs- hit you in (2021) more and more!