(Knowledge And Respect): »In Praise of « Abdul Karim Bangura »,The Sierraleonan Most Educated in the World(5 PHD!


-« In Collaboration with Face 2 Face Africa ». »The Subtile, Intro , follow-up and conclusion are from « Medias Miroir »-Paris.

-My people perish for lack of knowledge, someone made it clear in his own creation!Furthermore, knowledge is a path to freedom to some extent, just to cast away the darkness in order to see the light!

-(« Reminder of the Facts »):

-For years, »Abdul Karim Bangura’s graduate students at Howard university and Amrican univesity was the most published in refereed and othr scholarly journals and books,Bangoura hailed as one of the most educated people in the world, holds (« 5 Doctorate degrees ») ,has published (66) books and over (600) research papers.

-A Researcher- in -residence of Abrahamic connections of islamic peace studies at American university center for global peace, the Sierraleonan American scholar holds the following:

1-PHD Mathematics -Colombia University
2-PHD Lingistics-Georgetown University
3-PHD Political science-Howard University
4-PHD-Economics-University of Maryland-Baltimore Graduate school
5-PHD-Computer science-Colombus University
6-PHD-Mathematics,Columbus University
7-MS Linguistics-Georgetown university
8-GRD-DPL-Social science-Stockholms University
9-MA-international studies American univdrsity
10-BA-International studies-American university

-Definitely, « Abdul Karim Bangura » said in an interview with « Sierra Express Media »:With many teaching and scholarly and community service Awards, the professor, fluent about in a dozen African and six European languages, has worked in various institutions.

-« Down the line, he can be a, intellectual help and input for his native land, Sierra-leon and the whole of Africa as well.