-« Feedback on the French Revolution,History Can Repeat itself »?

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-Notes from the Chief Editor-Yves T Bouazo.

Facts do not lie, men do!It’s difficult to reform in liberal european democracies.

Reminder of the facts:

On January-31st-2023 more people are going on strike when taking to the streets in Paris and in the whole of France as well.Basically, politics does not always involve conflict, in consequence, politics Can be a constructive and practical subject.However, much of the flavour of politics springs from the fact that members of a Group rarely agree.

Down the line, we have to take into account predominantly the rightful power rather than the popular power in the streets, furthermore, a government that it has Beeen fairly elected in 2022!

-« Back to 1789,the French Revolution on History ».

« It’s a Rebellion » said « French King Louis 16 ».No Sire, came the blunt response, it’s a Revolution.In the same trend,the verdict of history is that « Louis 16 » was wrong.Perhaps,his misreadings of the situation was one reason for the success of the revolutionary movement in 1789.

The French revolution swept away medieval structures of power and accelerated the creation of modern nation states which dominate the contemporary world.

Economically, the French Revolution Can be considered a « Bourgeois Revolution »!The revolution weakened aristocratic control over the peasantry and helped to create the conditions under which market relations spread and capitalism would eventually emerge.

Today in January-2023, France has got one of the highest economic Growth in Europe (2.6%) and Joblessness rate is in the same trend droping gradually!

Are people in the streets in France claiming their rights or in a so called revolution spirit?Nobody knows tomorrow…