(Breaking News): »Jamaica » To Set To Petition « Queen Elizabeth » For « Billions » in « Slavery Reparations!

Queen eliza

-« In Collaboration with Face 2 Face Africa ». »The subtitle, title , follow-up and conclusion » are from « Medias Miroir-« Photo »: »British Queen Elisabeth;

-(« Reminder of the Facts »):

-The jamaican government has announced its intention to petition british « Queen Elisabeth » to pay reparations to citizens of the caribbean island to atone for Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade!

-Though « Jamaica » gained independence from Britain in (1962), the Queen still serves as the caribbean nation’s head of state.According to the Express », Britain claimed the caribbean island as its colony in (1707), and british merchants amassed a lot of wealth from jamaican slaves.In light of this, culture minister announced the coutry’s intention to demand compensation from Britain.

-(« We are specially pleased to announce that we have further steps in our strides towards seeking reparatory justice for the victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade,jamaican culture minister « Olivia Grange » said during an address to the house of representatives this week .

-To be continued!