(Breaking News): »Haitian President Assassination »,(2) Americans and Retired Colombian Military Involved!


-« In Collaboration with Face to Face Africa ». »The Subtitle, Title and Convlusion » are from « Medias Miroir »-Paris. »Photo »: »Suspected foreign mercenaries arrested after the asassination of haitian president « Jovenel Moise ».

-(26) Colombians and (2) people believed to hold dual US-Haitian citizenship took part in the assassination of Haiti’s presdent « Jovenel Moise », authorities said « Thursday » as a manshunt is underway for at least (8) more suspects.

-(« Reminder of the facts »):

-« Jovenel Moise » was shot and killed after a group of unidentified oeople attack his private residence early on Wednesday.

-Down the line, when is this country going to get a break?That’s a million dollars question!In the same trend, our Prayers are going up for « Haiti », the first black nation to seize its independence in (1804)!