(« Breaking News »):(« GHANA » Donates(« 2 Million-us Dollars ») for the « Reconstruction of French Cathedral in(Paris)


-(« Our Staff in (Paris) Closely with (Edwards J Blacke)-(Image:french Cathedral notre dame in Fire in Paris).

-Fire in (Paris), the french notorious catholic monument(cathedral notre dame) has been burnt down recently, in consequence there was a huge solidarity across the world:Among are some african nations such as :(Guinea,Ivory coast,Ghana)
-As far as some credible sources are concerned,after (Guinea and Ivory Coast) ,(Ghana) donates (2 millions us dollars) for the reconstruction of the french catholic monument(cathedral notre dame) in (Paris) when ghanaians without documents are awaiting rapatriation from (USA)!

-(« The Controversy continues in West Africa »)

-The controversy continues in (West africa) because some african french nations seem to dive into the sea of mental new colonialism today.Did (France) need support from some poor african nations?Did (France) support some african nations when atrocities happen to them such as (« ethiopian airlines latest crash »)?Did Africa get financial support for the reparation of the transatlantic trade?We know that more than more than (1)(billion) us dollars) has been already raised worldwide for the restoration efforts of that historical catholic monument!So what do (Guinea,Ivory coast, Ghana) have to prove by offering its (2 cents) to the pot of international solidarity other than kissing up to another european country that has contributed to the colonialism trend so far and today is still paving the way for new post- colonial trend in disguise, in the whole of french Africa?Some African nations seem to be in an international remote control system nowadays, despite a plastic committed rhetoric…