(« Breaking News in Brazil »):(« Brazilian Activist)(« marielle Franco »)assassinated in (Rio de Janeiro)!


-prominent human rights advocate and council woman(marielle Franco) has been murdered.We have more reasons to  believe(Brazil) is taking steps away from  racial and gender equality, human rights and many other democratic values;On (march-15th),(murielle Franco), black women,councilwoman of the City of (Rio de Janeiro) was murdered with(9) shots.She was killed after denouncing police brutality in poor communities in (Rio), and after starting a human rights watch watch for the military intervention that started one month ago.(marielle Franco) represented political renewal, especially for the Black youth of(Rio).Born in  the (mare’s Favela), she advocated for policies against theBlack genocide, and for the rights of Black women.She was an example and the hope of many of Black people in (Brazil) like me.Today many mobilizations will be happening all over the country, so i ask you  to share this Article and to try to reach as many people as you can.We need help.(With the Collaboration of « Evandro piza Duarte » and « Tukufu Zuberi »)(« Image »: »murielle Franco »)