-(« In Collaboration with « Face 2 to Face Africa)-(« The Intro and Conclusion » are from our Staff-(Media Mirror)(Paris)(« Image »: »Genevieve Nnaji »,Film Maker(« Lionheart »)

-(…)-We are in the New Year (2019) , these are the (10) Most popular Black Women of the Year (2018) selected by (« Face 2 to Face Africa »)(International Media) in a recognition spirit:Furthermore in this process, let’s celebrate our great Black Sisters around the World for what they have achieved in (2018)!
-(…)(1)-(Danielle Obama)

-The former  american first Lady of the united states was one of the most popular Women of (2018).Thanks for her new Book becoming.She has been on tour for the Book and has been making waves not only for the content but also for Break records in Sales.

-(…)(2)-(Quiin Abenayo)

-(Abenayo) was quite popular in (2018) for winning the (« Miss World Africa ») crown.She battled out with (117) contestants from around the world the pageant in (Sanya)(Uganda) after beating (21) other contestants in her home country to become the « Miss Uganda »)(2018)

-(…)(3)-Genevieve Nnaji

Naji’s film (Lionheart) made waves as American over the Top Media services provider(Netflix) announced that it had acquired world rigts to the movie.It became the first « Nigerian » film to be picked weeks later, she joined a top-notch talent company universal talent agency.

-(…)(4)-(Danal Gurira)

-Besides her role as (Okeye) in the « black Panther »(Film),(Gurira) was a popular Woman in (2018) for her role as Woman’s rights actvist.She was even selected as the (UN) Women good will Ambassador,making her first Zimbabwean American to earn the post.

-(..)-« Down the line , there are (6) other Black women selected in this order such as:(« Claire Karekezi », « Cardi B », « Serena Williams », »Beyonce », « Issae Rae », « Chimamanda Adichie ». Definitely a deserved Living Tribute to them as well.