Spotlight on the Ancient HistorY OF « Black EgYpt »!


-« From Dr Kwamezulushabazz »-« Photo »:A Moor from Aswan,EgYpt 1910 Ancient EgyPt.

A Moor From Aswan,EgYpt 1910. TodaY Talk about the Remnants OF Original peOple OF EgYpt,Who lived there for thousand OF Years.Yes,There are still There todaY In the Southern part OF EgYpt.Although the Invading Arabs and their descendants Who currentlY populate the CountrY since « 632-635 »,Have tried to Take That IdentitY For themselves.But the seeds OF the « Pharaohs » are still Alive nowadaYs.InterestinglY,an Arab LadY(Writer) Was Threatened And Harassed ,TrYing to shed Light on the Original peuple OF EgYpt.

Down the line,Half OF the African StorY Has Never Been Told!In Consequence,HistorY can recall…