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-« Notes from the Chief Editor »-« Yves T Bouazo ».(Photo): »Peter Tosh’.

-« Peter Tosh »,ex member of the original « Wailing Wailers », was labelled as the « Malcom X » of Reggae music internationally.Unfortunately,death met him on the way in his home yard in « Kingston » in « Jamaica » on the (11th of September-1987)!His death was a great loss for reggae music because he was a real regqae revolutionnary indeed, straightforward, without gloves!

-Let’s read between the lines a few lyrics from him this week!the first titled: ( » where you gonna run,)? aluding to the present turmoil in « Ivory coast » (west africa), where the popular ivorian masses are still taking to the streets in (Abidjan), the capital city , all over the country and in the diaspora (Paris,London, Brussel,New york city) and many more to say loud:( « no third term ») for « Allassane ouattara », who outstayed his welcome when attempting to cling a third term in « Ivory coast », could make parts of the country ungovernable!In other words, another turmoil on the way grounded on bloodshed on the streets of the capital, the metropolis (Abidjan).

-« In his own creation »:

-(« Where you gonna run, where you gonna hide? who you are trying to see? what you are trying to find?We are all in this race,Éverybody is trying to keep a pace, can’t get away, no no, there is no escape…

-Definitely, to read between the lines in (Ivory coast)!