(International Sport-« England »): »Focus on « Benjamin Odjé »,the First Popular Black Footballer Born in « Nigeria »-West Africa!


-« In Collaboration with Face 2 to Face Africa »-« The Subtitle, the title, and the follow-up » are from « Médias Miroir-Paris ». »Photo »:Benjamin Odjé, the first popular black footballer in UK.

-« Benjamin Odjé » was the first black footballer born in « Nigeria » in « West Africa » who had to wait (42) years to be recognized!

-Reminder of the Facts »:

-« Benjamin Odjé » was called up by « England » schoolboys and made his debut against northern ireland in (1071), he didn’t know he was writing football history.A yoiung schoolboy from South-east London born in Nigeria,Benjamin Odjé on March-6 1971 helped England to a (1-0)win in front of a Wembley crowd of (70.000) fans!

-I remember standing n the tunnel and the band was still playing, he recalled an interview with « BBC » in « London.