(Haitians Tribulation in USA): »Envoy To « Haiti » « Quits » in Protest Over « Inhumane Crackdown » on Migrants!

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-« Closely with New york daily News »-« The Intro, follow-up and conclusion » are from « Médias Miroir-Paris ». »Photo:A popular journalist from Haiti in danger in Haiti in the current haitian context.

-« America seems not to be the land of liberty and hospitality under the rule of the democrat « Joe Biden!

-« Reminder of the facts »:

-« Daniel Foote » who was appointed to the position only on July following the assasssination of Haiti president, uits in aletter to secretary of state, « Tony Blinken » that fiercely denounced the harsch treatment of thousands of Haitians seeking to enter the US from Mexico.

-« Down the line, the main aim which stirs Joe boden to action is to avoid the anger or pressure conservative wing in the american congress!