-« Notes from the Chief Editor »-« YVES T BOUAZO ».(Photo): »Bob Marley and the WAilers ».

-Reggae music remains fundamentally spiritual grounded on the come back of a black « messie » to be crowned as « king of kings », « lord of lords », « the conqueror lion of the tribe of Juda »: »Haile TAfari Selassie », the 226th descendant of « King Solomon » ( « ethiopian and jews bloodline ») through the queen of « Sheba ».He was then nicknamed « Jah Rastfari » in a symbolic spirit.

-In that spiritual process, the coming back of a black messie is not so far and the day of delivrance of oppressed third world people is near!

-Let read and listen between the lines to some of « Bob Marley’s » spiritual songs:

-In (1976), he sang (« Jah live ») (« Jehovah-God »):( » The truth is an offense but not a sin, is who laughs last is who wins.One sheep must learn to respect their shepherd.In other words, the first will be the last, and the last the first…

-In (1977),in the hit titled: (« ONE lOVE ») he made it clear in his own creation:(« Is there a place for the hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind just to save his own »)?

-In (1981), he sang « redemption song » in his own words:(« My hand was made strong by the hand of the almighty »).

-Definitely, just to expose the fact that daring faith can move mountains.

-« Bob Marley » was a great man and nowadays he is more popular than when he was alive, namely a poet, a messenger and a legend worldwide as well.