(Breaking News): »Champion Usain Bolt » welcomes Twins From his Partner!


-« In Collaboration with Face 2 Face Africà »-« The subtitle,title and Conlusion »,last sentence » are from « Medias Miroir »-(Paris)-« Photo »: »Champion « Usain Bolt » family , his partner and his twins.

-Retired olympic champion « Usain Bolt and his long-time-partner, »Kassi Bennett », celebrated father’s day in style by taking the social media to announce the birth of thir twin sons. »Bolt » and « Bennett » had been largely mum about the pregnancy up until last sunday’s announcement.

-The jamaican couple wemcomed their first daughter, »Olympia lightning Bolt »,last year and just like their big sister, the two new additions to the « Bolt » family, have eye-catching names that ring a bell about their father’s legacy.

-Definitely, happy father’s day to champion « Usain Bolt »!