(« World History):(« Spotlight on the « Haitian Revolution » in (1804) »!


(…)-(In collaboration with Face 2 to Face Africa)-(« photo »: »General capois the death »-« capois la mort »)-(« The Title , Follo-up and Concluson » are from (« Medias Miroir »).

-(Reminder of the facts):

The (Haitan) Revolution that lasted from (August 22nd to January 1804, led the caribbean nation to gain its independence from the french under (« General Jean-Baptiste Dessalines »), a former slave who trained in the army with the goal of setting his people free!

-Although (« Jean-Jacques Dessalines ») is celebrated for making freedom in (Haiti), a reality through his efforts in the war, he could not have done it without the help of several other willing enslavec men and women who gave up their lives and (General François capois) is one of them.

-He was given the nickname (« capois la mort ») which translates (« capois the death ») by french colonial army:(« General François Capois ») is celebrated for his bravery in leading the final battle which expelled the french out (« Saint Dominique »),allowing (« General Jean Jacques Dessalines ») to declare the island independent and rename it (Haiti)!

-Tribute to the great freedom fighter (« Toussaint louverture ») who was deported to colonial france, trapped and died in a cold winter french weather!We tke the opportunity to highlight the predominant fact that those « Haitan great freedom fighters » originated from (old former « Dahomey »), present (« Benin ») in (West Africa), somrthing like the (« Buffalo soldiers ») in the heart of (America).

-Definitely, they have gone, won’t be forgotten!