-(EDITORIAL FROM OUR STAFF)-(« Image »: »Alaah salah » leading sudanese protesters in song)

-Women are basically the Cradle of mankind to some extent because they are the source of creation and roots of
the children!Someone said, (Mama Africa),the motherland in his own words!

-(Reminder of Facts):

The arresting image of (22) year-old(alaa Salah) leading « Sudanese » protesters in song with her finger pointed to the heaven,has come to symbolize the (« Women led-Revolution ») credited with ousting dictator(Omar Al-Bashir).
-Women in particular bore the brunt of (Al-Bashir’s) three-decade reign of terror in (Sudan),a third of girls are married off before their (18th) birthday,male guardianship laws are strictly enforced, and the country has some of the highest (FGM) rate planet.(CNN)international correspondent (Nima Elbagir) received news of (Al-Bashir)’s expulsion minutes before walking on stage at last week’s WOMEN in the world SUMMIT.In conséquence,the Sundanese Journalist quickly looked the next flight home and shared her reaction in real time with the rapt(Lincoln Center audience)!In (Ivory Coast),the daughter of the american president,(Ivanka Trump) just visited (Abidjan ) and (Addis-abeba in (Ethiopia)) in the process of the implementation of an ambitious project within the african WOMen empowerment but behind her trip in (Ivory Coast), lies the necessity of a true democracy in (Ivory Coast), where a turmoil has fostered around (21.000 deaths) in (2010-2011)!In other words, (Ivanka Trump) was indirectly the special envoy of the american government in (Ivory coast), just to make sure that The next presidential election in (Ivory coast) in (october-2020), will be transparent and credible:Down the line, true democracy is at stake in (Ivory coast) today, another american trumpet indeed, as a result the ivorian president(Allassane Ouattara) has pointed out an excuse to be absent while (Ivanka Trump) met with his vice-president and prime minister of (Ivory coast)!