(« Women in the World »):(« Michelle Obama ») Named the Most Admired Woman in ( USA »!


-(From our Staff)-(« The Title and Conclusion » are from our (Staff) in (Paris)-(« image »: »Michelle Obama »)

-(Michelle Obama), the ex first american Lady was recently named in (2019) the most admired Woman in (America) in a new poll:She topped the list this year while (Jolie) who was first last year came in third!
-Meanwhile,(Oprah Winfrey) was second:Also included in the (Top 10) of most admired Women are (Queen Elisabeth 2), actress(Emma Watson), activist (Malahe Yousafzai) and chemist (Tu Youyou).Unsurprisingly, considering sheer high placement on the global scale, the (Obama’s top) both the male and female list of most admired people in (America).

-(« Can her run for the american presidency one day?That’s the question because nobody knows tomorrow »)!