(« Women in the World »):(« Focus on « Eulalie Allen », CEO of (« Allen Ensed Group Limited »)-(UK)


-(« Notes From the Chief Editor »)-(Yves T Bouazo)-(« Image »:Logo of (Allen Ensed Group) in (Manchester)(UK).

-(Eulalie Allen) is among the relentless black women in the world, namely in (England)!She is indeed the (CEO) of (« Allen Ensed Group Limited) in (Manchester)(UK) and has got the overcoming syndrome.Furthermore, it’s one of the best Security Company working in the greater (Manchester), (north west England area).Moreover, the main aim which stirs that trustworthy company to action is to offer Security solutions for commercial buildings, including shops and small businesses, in the form of(CCTVs), keyless entry systems, fingerprints and many more, in an artificial intelligency global context of competition.
-Down the line, (Allen Ensed Group) is moving on and taking higher ground gradually, step by step because where there is a will, there is also a way!