(« Women In the World »):(« Focus on a « Success Story », (« Eulalie Allen »,CEO of (« Allen Ensed Group)-(UK)


(…)-( »Notes from the « Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)-(« Image »: »Eulalie Allen, CEO of (Allen Ensed Group in (Manchester)(UK);

-(…)-It’s a relentless Woman hour, someone said it in his own creation:(« Allen Eulalie) is a relentless great business woman who has got the overcoming syndrome for years and keeps on doing well in business objectives terms in (UK), namely in (Manchester) where she currently resides!

-She is the (CEO) of (Allen Ensed Group) , one of the best, experienced, skilled and trustworthy Security Company working in the greater (Manchester)(UK)(North west England).

-Basically, her company(« Allen Ensed Group ») offers (« Security Solutions for Commercial Buildings, including Shops and small businesses in the form of(CCTV’s), keyless entry systems, fingerprints and many more, in an artificial intelligency global context.

-(« The Greatest Ambitions of (« Allen Ensed Group ») :

As far as (CEO)(Eulalie Allen) is concerned , her company is willing to bring help to conscious and visionary african politicians , to build their counties, in other words, just to be an asset to the collective in a win win spirit:(« I have an african origin indeed namely from the west of (Ivory coast)(Côte d’ivoire), so i have to bring an input in my native country eventually in a near future , by creating some branches related to my company, she argued proudly »)!In the same trend, we have been doing good for (16 years), in consequence , the main aim which stirs us to action is to expand (« Allen Ensed Group ») to different european countries such as:(France, SPain,BelgIum and many more if need be…

-(…)-(« We can’t help saying the fact that , definitely behind a successful man, is a great relentless black business woman(« Eulalie Allen »)!(Move on)!