-(…)(« With the Collaboration of (« Face 2 to faceAfrica)(« The Subtitle, « Title », « introduction », « Conclusion », are from our (Staff)(Medias Mirror)(Paris)-(« Image »: »Georges Weah » preaching in his new Church »)-(…) -(« GOD can make a way where there it seems to be no way, and where there is a will , there is also a way!New liberian elected president, former professionnal football player(Georges Weah) has finally come to the conclusion that the almighty God is a promise keeper and a miracle walker as well:And he is now ready to give his own testimony by opening his own Church in the capital city of (Liberia)(West Africa)(Monrovia):His new evangelical Church is called:(« The Fork Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church »)

-(Reminder of Facts):

-Liberian new President (Georges Weah) opens his own Church and gives inaugural sermon on the (31st of December-2018) in (Monrovia), the capital city.(Georges Weah) has proven that he is not only a former (soccer-football) legend but one with another mission to be a (Preacher).The (51) -Year old, whose footballing career played a huge role in his landslide election victory, recently opened his own Church  and gave an inaugural Sermon on (December 31-2018) during watch night Service to usher in the New Year(2019), the Liberian Leader held a service and dedication ceremony for the church( » The Fork Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church »)

-(A Sermon to raise the Conscious of government officials high »)!
-The ceremony was attended by a host of government appointees, including the speaker of country’s legislature(Bhofal Chambers) and the Senate pro-tempore(Albatchie,Liberian media, front page Africa », reported.

-(« Life is a Business, the new Preacher (Georges Weah) made it clear in his own words »)!

-In his first sermon on the Theme:(« Life is a business:What do you do with your Life will make you profitable or unprofitable;President (Weah), the new preacher encouraged his congregation to be committed and passionnate about their objectives in (2019).

-(Message to the Government officials of Liberia »):

You work with government then you want to sabotage the government.You are a minister in the government but you want to sabotage the government.You are an executive then you want to sabotage the government.You want to sit right here , you are also part of government.Let’s forget about all the  setbacks in (2018) and focus on the prosperous(New Year 2019), what (God) gave you is enough, he said!

-(…) (« President of (Liberia) is a committed new Preacher with a burden for liberian souls including his government officials:a noble mission to fulfil in the process of taking the gospel to the four corners in the world!(Amen)!