(« Weekend-Free Laurent Gbagbo »-« On Freedom Road »)!!!

yes we can

-(…)-(« From the Staff »)

-This is the Weekend of Proud and conscious pan african left-wing Leader (Laurent Gbagbo), who is still the conspicuous hostage of the imperialist judicial power structures (ICC) in the (Netherlands)!
-So let’s decipher the deep and committed lyrics from (Bob Marley) titled:(« The Heathen »):

(« Rise up fallen fighters, rise and take your stance again.Tis he who fights and runs away.
-Live and fight another day.As a man sow, shall he reap.And i know that talk is cheap but the hotter the battle, how much sweeter (Jah)(the most high) victory!

-Definitely, « freedom must come to all mankind »-« the struggle of black liberation continues-« Armandla ».