(USA):(« California Governor ») (« Jerry Brown ») to Release (10.000) pedophiles!


Over  (10.000) sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists  are set to the streets in the near future thanks to « Governor « Jerry Brown » and the ruling of a superior court judge in « Sacramento »(California) who says crimes such as intimaly touching an  » unlawfully restrained personne » or raping a drugged or unconscious victim » are not violent crimes. The « los angeles Times » reported that « Sacramento » Superior » court judge (Allen Summer » issued a preliminary order on last FRIDAY to « California » state prison officials which ordered to rewrite their regulations stemming from(prop)… (« Down the line, it’s inconsistent to release pedophiles who still remain a danger for society nowadays »)!(With the Collaboration of  « J-Blacke »(USA)-(« The Conclusion » is from the staff)