(USA BREAKING NEWS):(« more undocumented immigrants are deported » against their will »)


Since « Donald Trump » took over in (USA), more undocumented immigrants are deported!In consequence, the puritan nation of freedom , liberty and immigration has been transformed into a nation of deportation even fot those who have been living in USA for so long:An undocumented immigrant from (Jordania) was deported some weeks ago after a (39) years’ stay in(USA)!In the same trend, (BUBBA JADI)(41 years old), an undocumented immigrant from (Gambia),(Wisconsin)  father of(2) children was deported to his native country!The controversy will go on because his wife is now prenant, according to US immigration and customs enforcement:Hopefully,(BUBA JADI) might have a back up plan…(War of words):(« How dare you vilify members of your community by trying to frighten the american public into thinking the all( » Undocumented immigrants are dangerous criminals »)?The truth rests in the fact that undocumented immigrants will be on the stand by and wake up in a curfew in (USA) for so long in (USA)…(With the Collaboration of (« Edwards J Blake »)-(USA)-(from the staff)(« Image »: »BUBA JADI » undocumented immigrant from (Gambia)(West Africa) with his family)