(US-TOP-NEWS):(« FOCUS ON (« LETITIA JAMES »)-(« First Black Woman Elected »-(NYC) »Attorney General!


-(« LETITIA JAMES ») remains the « First black woman »  elected NEW YORK CITY(NYC) Attorney General, so she made history in (USA).In consequence, she is a democrat, cruised to victory over Republican corporate lawyer and first time candidate(KEITH WOFFORD), with more than(81%) of the Precincts reported as of (11:15 PM).Down the line,(« James ») led (Wofford) by (60,1%) to(33,1%)!In the same trend, in (Florida) state, (ANDREW GILLUM), another ambitious african american is Candidate for Governor!It’s the ostentatious evidence that afro americans are still marking the spot when emancipating themselves from mental slavery, just to decide their own destiny in Politic terms!(Great)!(« First hand sources » from the( « Daily News »)- (« The Title », -« Extra additions » and the « Conclusion » are from the Staff)-(Media Mirror)(Paris) (« Image »: »Letitia James »)