(« US-Business Objectives »):(« Spotlight on (30) « Black Stars Business and Professional Achievers » Honoured!

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-(…)-(« Our Staff Closely with « Face 2 to Face Africa »)-(« the Intro and Conclusion » are from our Staff(Medias Miroir) in (Paris)-(« Image »: »The Black Stars business and professional achievers honoured in Houston »).

-Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, someone made it clear in his own creation musically:Furthermore,the illeterate of the (21st century) won’t be those who can’t read or write, but those can’t learn, unlearn and relearn, because my people perish for lack of knowledge definitely!

-(Reminder of facts):

In (Houston)(Texas-USA), black relentless businessmen and professional achievers will be honoured and highlighted on (November-15-2019), through a conference and Awards event at (Royal Sonesta-Houston-2222-W–Loop-S-Houston-Texas-77027)

-(« Down the line, these Great Honourees represent the following great Black Companies in (USA »):

(1)-Paramount pictures
(2)-Goldman Sachs
(3)-Rw-J barnabas health
(4)-Rose cliff Ventures
(5)-Texas center for joint replacement
(6)-Excellent care management
(7)-Bank of America
(8)-Black rock
(9)-African ancestry Inc
(10)-NBPA foundation
(11)-American express
(13)-Baker Mckenzie
(14)-Mall for Africa
(15)-Campaign for black male

-And many more, it’s indeed the celebration of black creative power and intelligency in the whole of America .