(« US-Breaking »):(« Racism and Hate »)-(« Trump » Straightforward:(« Hate Has no Place IN USA »)!


-(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(Yves T Bouazo)

-(…)-American President is exposing his inner values on human relations in (USA), due to the recent massive shooting in (USA)!In consequence, he made it clear in his own words:(« Hate has no place in (USA), and we are going to take care of it, he said recently in his own words!In the same trend,(Donald Trump) said he has spoken to the (US) attorney general,(FBI) Director and congress people and would release a more substantive statement on (Monday).

-(« Down the line, it’s not surprising for a full christian who is used to praying each an every day closely with his government:Furthermore, biblically, we have been created in the image of the most high, in consequence we out to point out the human race regarless of color, race or creed!