(« US-Breaking News »):(Police Release « Photo » of « Suspected Dayton Shooter »)!


(From the Daily News)-( « the conclusion is from (Medias Miroir)(Paris)-

-(Reminder of facts):

-Police release Photo of suspected « Dayton » Shooter who gunned down (9) including his siqter!Clad in body armor and a face mask and armed with a (22″) caliber(AR-15) rifle and a (100-round) aammo magazine(connor belts)(24) let loose his lethal fusillade around (1 a.m) in (Dayton-Ohio’s Oregon District), an area crowded with popular theaters, bars, eateries:

-(« Down the line that shooting raises once again the crucial issue of Guns and violence in (USA)!When will it end in a so called puritan nation?No one knows »)!