(US BREAKING NEWS):(« INNOCENT man Awarded(« 1million-Dollars »)after (31)Years in prison!


(« US BREAKING NEWS »):(« INNOCENT AFRO American Awarded(1 million Dollars) AFTER Spending(31)Years IN prison FOR A Crime that(DNA) evidence cleared him of »)!(« Does JUSTICE stand for all mankind »)?Yes partly, as far as this case is concerned in(« TENNESSEE » ):TENNESSEE awarded an « Afro American » (1 million Dollars) after he spent nearly(32)Years in prison for Crime that(DNA) evidence cleared him of!(laurence mc Kinney) was imprisoned in (1978) for rape and burglary before freed in (2009).The « TENNESSEE » Board of Claims granted the Compensation on last Wednesday. »Nashville » Attorney(David Raybin), who has represented(mc Kinney) for the last six years described the outcome as « bitersweet » for(mc Kinney) who was  only formally exonerated from the Crimes within the last three months.I’ve been a Criminal defense Attorney for (40) Years;This is probably one of the most moving events, i’ve ever experienced he told « Huffpost » on last Thursday. »To have someone in prison that long and to fight for Years to get him some Justice, it has just been an enormous undertaking.Down the line, »Justice has been done » in a puritan and democratic nation(USA)! In consequence, let’s Give thanks and praises to the most high!(« The Introdoction  and the Conclusion » are from the « Staff »(media mirror-paris)(With the Collaboration of (« NINA Golgowski » and (« Edwards J Blake »)  in (USA)(« Image »: »laurence mc Kinney freed after nearly (32) Years?