(UK)-(« Coronavirus kills no Underlying health problem Young Lady,(« Chloe »)!


-(« In Collaboration with Bristol Live »)-(« Photo »:Chloe Middleton,victim of the coronavirus with no underlyning problems.)-(THE CONCLUSION IS FROM OUR STAFF)

-(Reminder of facts):

-The british mother of a young woman who died with (coronavirus ») is urguing the public to take the advice to stay at home seriousLy.The family of (« Chloe Middleton ») said she was a healthy (21-year-old) with no underlying health problems before she tested positive for the coronavirus and died at the weekend:(Diane Middleton) , the mother of the young woman (Chloe) wrote on social media about her family’s tragic loss and urged people to wake up and realise (« coronavrus ») could kill them too.
-she described her family inimaginable pain after losing her daughter (Chloe), from (Wycombe) in (Buckinghamshire) in north west (London).(UK)

-It’s the conspicuous proof that the coronavirus can kill the youth of today as well.