(Tribute):(may 11th-1981-may 11th 2018)(Remember « Robert Nesta Bob Marley »)!


It’s our tribute to « Robert Nesta Bob marley » who passed away  on the 11th of may(1981) in (Miami)(Florida)!more than three decades later, he is more popular than when he was alive.In the same trend, he was a prolific committed poet and messenger. »Bob marley » and « the Wailers » formed the Cornerstone of Reggae music internationally from the ‘(70s to the 80s)! (« Bob marley and the African Unification):(« He sang in his own words »):(Africa unite because we »re moving right out of « Babylon » and we’re  going to our father’s land-« How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man to see the Unification of all africans ».(« Zimbabwe »):(Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny and in this judgement, there is no partiality.So arms in arms, with arms we will fight this little struggle because that’s the only way we can overcome our little struggle.(« Babylon system »):(« we refuse to be what you wanted us to be, we are what we are, that’s the only way it’s going to be!(« Bob marley and Spirituality »):(« Give thanks and praises to the most high, he will not deceive us my brethen, he will only lead us again. Oh take that veil from off your eyes.look into the future of realise!(Redemption song »):(« Old pirates sold i to the merchant ships, my hand was made strong by the hand ofthe almighty »)!(« Bob marley and the social classes »):(« Them belly full but we ‘re hungry, an angry mob is an angry mob »)!(« How many rivers do we have to cross before we can talk to the boss?Down the line, they have gone, won’t be forgotten!(From the C »hief Editor »-« Yves T Bouazo »)(« Image »: »Bob Marley » and the wailers)