(THE African Controversy):(« Africa » is not « Poor »,We are « Stealing » its « Wealth »-(« Al Jazeera)(ND)


-« The African Controversy »: »Africa is not Poor »,We are Stealing its « Wealth »!-(From « Nick Dearden »-« Al Jazeera »)(« The Intro, extra additions and Conclusion » are from our (« Staff-Media Mirror »)(Paris)-(« The Controversy goes on in « Africa » today, a black Continent wealthy of its raw materials and minerals such as:(Crude Petroleum, Gas, ores and concentrates, Copper, Diamonds, Iron ore, coffee, cacao, cotton, coltan, Live animals, tobacco) and unfortunately Poor due to internal   and external causes:(Lack of government, greed , corruption and imperialism in disguise):In the same trend, commodity power turned out to be a mirage in Africa !(Furthermore, As far as « Nick Dearden’s approach is concerned, « Africa » is Poor, but we can try to help its People.It’s a simple Statement repeated through a thousand images, newspaper stories and charity appeals each year, so that it takes on the Weight of Truth.When we read it, we reinforce assumption and stories about « Africa » that we ‘ve heard throughout our lives.We reconfirm our image of « Africa »!If african countries are not to benefit from foreign investment, they must be allowed to even helped to legally regulate that investment and the corporations that often bring it:That’s the essence of a Report(PDF) from several campaign groups released today.Based on a set of new  figures, it finds that « Sub-Saharan Africa » is a net Creditor to the rest of the World to the tune of more than (41bn-us dollar).Sure there is money going in:Around(161bn us dollar) a year in the form of Loans, remittances(those working outside « Africa » and sending money back home and aid).But there is also(203 bn us dollar) leaving the african Continent.Some of this is direct, such as (68bn us dollar) in mainly dodged taxes.Essentially « Multinational Corporations » « Steal » much of this legally by pretending they are really generating their Wealth in tax havens,these so called « illicit » financial Flows amount to around(6.1) Percent of the african continent entire domestic product(GDP) or three times what « Africa » receives in aid!(« Down the line, the African continent ought to learn from the Past and overcome new obstacles through « Unity »:In other words, know the « Enemy » and know yourself: a hundred « Battles », a hundred « Victories »-In consequence, « Africa unite »  and we shall be stronger to resist against any imperialist forces in disguise » »)!(« The Intro », »extra additions and « Conclusion » are from our « Staff »-(Media Miroir)(Paris)