(« Summer Reggae Jam »):(« Inside « Ras Zacharri ») (« Coming out now »):(« Jah rule Vip Dub »)!


-(…)-(Notes from the Chief Editor)-(Yves T Bouazo)-(« image »: »Ras zacharri »)

-(Ras Zacharri) is a humble and peculiar Reggae music maker, who is trying hard to bust up the international reggae charts.Definitely, he has got the overcoming syndrome because he has never stopped working on new materials and ting.
-Moreover ,(Ras Zacharri’s brillant vocal gets a proper relick when (Roomate and Unity Selekt) step to the remix.In the same trend, the (Roomate) (Vip) version is a thunderous and righteous explosion that takes the original to new heights.(Unity Selekta) also proves his rub a dub style of production will always please the true reggae crowd.(« Jah rule ») is an anthem that will live for the ages!
-Stay tuned, ever living , ever faithful, ever sure!