(« Spotlight on spiritual Warfare and Televangelism in the Beginning »)!


-« Televangelism » has its roots in a tradition of fervent « evangelical christianity » dating back to the nineteeth century.Basically, the term(« Evangelical ») encompasses a wide spectrum  of(« protestants) who actively seek to proselytize and convert non-believers.Within « Evangelicalism » are two major camps:Those who belong to denominations that do not stress a literal reading of the bible and the literalists,themselves divided into  two major groups,(« The Fundamentalists and the pentocostals »):Both apply the scriptures to all of life’s issues. »Fundamentalists » are usually associated with « baptist churches »,which teach that the ability to perform miracles of healing and « to speak in tongues »(unknown langages) ended in new testament times, « pentocostals », on the other hand, believe that the supernatural abilities described in the second chapter of the (book of « acts ») are meant for modern christians as well.Historically, evangelicals shied away from political partly because of their theological priorities and partly because of the ridicule heaped on them by secular society.(« Down the line, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that when it gets very dark in your life,look up for stars, because we are lost without (« Jesus-christ ») and are still desperate for him, because « Satan » is also around us like a roaring lion!(Watch out strong believers, be on the stand by each an every day)!(« From the staff of media mirror-paris-France »)(medugorge statue)