(« Spirituality »):(« Victory Belongs to « Jesus-Christ », when he « Stands for You », No one can Stand Against You »


-(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(Yves T Bouazo)

-I ought to come to the most high with a full gratitude ,because i’m walking in power softly each an every day, above ground, someone said in (USA)!Definitely, Victory belongs to (Jesus-christ), our daily Rock, shield, savior, fortress!
Moreover, when we are weak psychologically and physically, he becommes stronger!In consequence, i may proclaim the excellencies of the most high who called me out of darkness into his marvellous light!Furthermore, when you kneel down to the most high and you humble yourself, he automatically stands up for you, and when he stands up for you, no one can stand up against you:Down the line, he is miracle walker and promise keeper as (Sinach) is used to singing!In the same trend, we ought to take the gospel to the four corners in the world!(Amen, Amen, Amen for ever)!