-« Notes from the Chief Editor »-« Yves T Bouazo ».

-Most of the christians have just celebrated CHRISTMAS around the world, but to us it means more because the new born « Jesus-christ », the messie has to run like a fugitive in « Egypt » with his mama « Mary » to escape from the fury of wicked « King Herode » who wanted to kill the children under two at that time!

-It also esxposes to some extent the cultural identity of the new born « Jesus-Christ » who run away with his mama, just to find a right shelter in ancient « black Egypt », as far as the researches of panafrican scientist from « Senegal »,
the great « Cheick Anta Diop » made it clear so far:Down the line, he said in his own creation :(« Mankind was born in Africa »).

-So let’s celebrate musically the new born « Jesus-Christ » through a gospel lyrics from « Sinach » titled: « the name of Jesus-christ » in her own creation:(The name of « Jesus », higher than other names, king of all kings, no other names like his, alpha and omega, no other names like his.Your name like sweet perfume poured upon my soul(yeah), in your name we overcome, in his name there is victory.

-Defintely, Victory belongs to « Jesus-christ » the messie who is a promise keeper, miracle worker and light in the darkness too.Give thanks and praises to the most high!