(« Spirituality in USA »):(« Donald Trump » Backs Push for « Bible Classes » In « Schools »(Amen, Amen, Amen )!


-(…)-(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)-(« Image »: »American President « Donald Trump » showing the holy scriptures of the bible »)-(« The subtitle, Intro, follow-up and Conclusion are from our Staff »(Medias Miroir).

-(…)-Nothing is impossible with the almighty God, furthermore our « God » is a faithul God, namely a miracle walker and promise keeper: when we are weak, he becomes stronger, someone made it clear musically in his own creation!

-(Reminder of facts):

-American President (Donald Trump) appeared to endorse efforts by legislators in several american states to allow public schools to offer (« Bible ») classes.In the same trend, numerous states introducing (« Bible ») literacy classes giving students the option of studying the bible.Starting to make a turn back, (Mr Trump) tweeted (last Monday morning after(« Fox and friends ») ran a segment on the topic.

-Moreover, christian lawmakers in six american republican-controlled state legislatures across the country are pushing for legislation that would allow public schools to offer elective classes on the new and old testaments!

-(« Down the line, it’s not surprising in a puritan nation !Let’s remind us the fact that it’s written on the american dollar currency:(« In God we trust »)!