(SHOWBUSINESS): »Nasio Fontaine », A Humble Bomb Reggae Music Maker »!


-« Notes from the Chief Editor »-« YVES T BOUAZO ».

-Nasio fontaine is peculiar and humble regge music maker from Domminica islands.He is a great vocalist to us due to his true committed message he keeps on sending out through his realistic reggae music !

-Unfortunately, it’s a shame that the international media (radio and tv) in the fist western world do onot want to hear his powerful lyrics.Meanwhile, he is very popular worldwide but the international music industry do not give a daam about him, namely a zo calle sabotage.

-In consequence, it’s a blessing that they don’t give gigs to play, now he became a part of the international music industry .But thet don’t have a monopoly on the international popularity or authenticity.

-Defitely, we the peopele in the third world have far more power than international music industry.

-Keep on playing and expressing yourself no matter how hard it is inn this present concrete jungle (musqic industry) in the international showbusiness with lyrics such as: »living inn the positive », « babylon you doom », « unite » , « justice » and many more.