_Things will usually get worse before they can get better.But when they do, remember who put you down and who helped you up,(« The Almighty God »):(REMINDER OF FACTS):(The international judiciary powers are still  working  softly at the (ICC) in the (Netherlands)(LA Haye) but when (God says, it’s your time, it’s your time): On Freedom  road, former head of state from  (Ivory coast)(2000-2011),(Laurent Gbagbo) will be free at last hopefully and around(4000 people) have paid for innocent blood shed in (Ivory Coast)  from (February 2011 to April 2011)!That’s the reason why, Please  keep praying and fasting for Former Proud and conscious head of state from(Ivory Coast-West Africa)(Laurent Gbagbo) still behind the bars unjustly, when being a conspicuous victim and hostage of the international imperialist judiciary powers in disguise at the (ICC-Netherlands)-Unfortunately, he has been held a Prisoner for (7) years on trumped-up charges.In the same trend, he is accused of a so called crime against humanity without convincing evidences.Definitely, that is the last thing that committed humble african Leader is. Like (Osagiefo Kwame N’kruma(Ghana),(Emery Patrice Lumumba)(Congo),(Jomo Kenyatta)(Kenya), he is a missionary with a burden for souls to some extent!Moreover, he has been going through deep waters.Down the line, someone immortalized these words(Lyrics) in his own creation:(« Nelson Mandela ») left the Prison and took the Seat of the President »)(« One stone »)!Read between the lines so we have to humble ourselves, because the Most high has the Final say definitely!(Free « Laurent Gbagbo » because Justice must come to all mankind and let Justice covers the earth like water covers the Sea…(YVES T BOUAZO)(CHIEF EDITOR)(« IMAGE »: »LAURENT GBAGBO »)