(« Science in Africa »):(« Nigerian female Scientist Develops « Cancer Drug » from »African Plants »)!


-(« Closely with the Guardian-UK »)-(« Extra additions are from our Staff)-(« Image »: »Mansurah Abdulazeez », nigerian female scientist).

-(« Mansurah Abdulazeez ») is a molecular biologist at the center for biologist at the center for biotechnology Research,Bayero University (Kano) in (Nigeria)(West africa)labeled as the giant of (Africa)due to its huge population
and economy.Her research aims to identify potent and cancer agents in African plants.Last (November), the government of (Spain) awarded her.And in (June), she won a Nigerian National Research Grant of (N31) million(US dollar-86000) from the tertiary education trust fund.
-In the same trend, the Journal (« Nature ») asked (Abdulazzez about her life and resezrch:As far as her approach is concerned,the young african women who want to pursue science, must participate in local and international confederation that are relevant to their fields of study, so as to keep themselves updated on cutting-edge research(tools,methodologies and funding opportunities).Always ask for support from senior colleagues and family members.Whenever you need it, remain focused, tenacious and hard working.