-(« Editorial from the Chief Editor »)-(Yves T Bouazo)

-(« God the almighty » is timely and sure , in consequence our road can be so long and sometimes foggy, in the same trend we can be alone in the wilderness to some extent, when passing through tribulation from time to time!Down the line, we ought to keep the good unshakable faith:Furthermore, never give up on (« God, the almighty ») because when we are weak physically and psychologically, he becomes stronger!Moreover, good things tend to arrive in life at the most unexpected times:We ought to walk in Power, in Miracles just to live a Life of Favour:Never give up in the face of adversity nor surrender, because the world can be a cycle and a circle, when one door is closed, many more are open, as a result, we can make it work through a sheer perseverance backed by faith into action!

-Defintely, command your destiny by committing it into (God’s hands) because he has got the power to predict things , he is the (« Alpha and the Omega »)!When the (« almighty GOd ») says it’s your time, it’s your time ») SO NEVER RUSH IN LIFE, STEP BY STEP FOR SURE INDEED!